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The Timing is Critical
We believe that Liberty Counsel Action, with our base of operations in our nation’s capital, is in a strategic position to influence our government’s policies at a higher level than we have ever experienced. Ahead of the mid-term elections, the timing for growing our operations is critical.

Our Liberty Counsel Action office in the heart of the nation’s capital is facing A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH WHILE FACING UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGES right now, and we need your help.

Because of the intensity of the attacks on President Trump’s pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-liberty agenda, I must BUILD on Liberty Counsel Action’s presence in our Nation’s Capitol immediately to protect the advances already made. Specifically, I’m looking for an urgent influx of $50,000 by month-end to build on our efforts in the nation’s capital while we continue other vital outreaches.

We Must Enhance OUR Fight ON These SIX Fronts.

We need more resources to fight for you on Capitol Hill, and we must double our grassroots base. This is the only way we can ensure that we can stand against deep-pocketed adversaries on your behalf for faith, family, and freedom.

Here are SIX ISSUES our team in D.C. is tracking…

#1 Stop Anti-Christian Bigotry In Judicial Confirmations. This is OUTRAGEOUS. Members of Congress are rejecting key nominations of President Trump because of faith. This must be stopped.

#2 Work To Defund Planned Parenthood. Sadly, the latest budget continued the $500 million in Planned Parenthood funding. But we expect this will be one of the key fights in upcoming budget battles and in President Trump’s executive actions!

#3 Fight “Deep State” Entrenchments And Regulations. My team is working to get rid of oppressive regulations while exposing Deep State factions that continue to threaten President Trump’s agenda.

#4 Set Our Churches Free! This is a top priority! We must set our pastors and churches free in 2018 to address moral and political concerns through the lens of God’s Word!

#5 Fight For A Historic Breakthrough For Life. My staff is working on several fronts for what could be true breakthroughs in the protection of unborn life — but this opportunity will not last forever!

And perhaps most important Of all …

#6 Prepare For A Supreme Court Vacancy Battle. Our sources on the Hill say we could expect a High Court vacancy in 2018 and a HISTORIC SHOWDOWN over filling what may be the pivotal swing seat.

The timing is critical!

As you can see, this is a critical time and why we must make a commitment for growth in our D.C. operations! Will you help me raise $50,000 THIS MONTH? Go here to make your best gift to Liberty Counsel Action and help meet this critical challenge.

Help Us Stand!

Among our greatest challenges!

Right now, radical groups like the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and organizations backed by George Soros are working overtime to bully President Trump and members of Congress to prevent them from enacting the agenda that we put them in office to accomplish.

The bottom line: Deep-pocketed organizations and their powerful lobbyists are a serious and direct threat to our liberties.

We need your financial support to overcome these powerful adversaries.

Because of your faithful support over the years, Liberty Counsel Action has been actively engaged in advancing pro-life, pro-family, and pro-faith initiatives in our nation’s capital and elsewhere — and this year, praise God, is among our most productive, which is why we believe we must grow! Can we count on your help?

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