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The Shocking Planned Parenthood Report

A new report on how many of our tax dollars are being funneled to Planned Parenthood is truly shocking. A key vote in Congress is imminent.

If we want to see Planned Parenthood defunded, the next week is critically important.

That's because Congress is taking up the omnibus spending bill, and House Republicans are considering including a provision that DEFUNDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

With the short-term funding set to expire NEXT WEEK, the GOP plan to defund Planned Parenthood has set off political fireworks in our nation's capital. Politico reports that the news "stunned the top Democrats in the room" who are now vowing to "block" any GOP efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Shocking Report Exposes $1.5 BILLION In Taxpayer Funding

This showdown in Congress is coming just as the non-partisan General Accounting Office (GAO) released a new report detailing the actual total amount of taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood.

It's stunning…

According to the GAO, between 2013 and 2015, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates spent $288 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid (which includes a combination of federal and state funds) for a total of $1.5 billion over three years from federal health programs.

The report is the first to break down funding amounts by Planned Parenthood affiliates, showing that $544 million — more than one-third of total funding — went to those affiliates that have since been referred to the Justice Department for investigation for their role in the harvesting and selling of aborted baby body parts.

Despicable and obscene…

This is both despicable and obscene. Not only are taxpaying Americans forced to fund the horror of abortion, we are funding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars the specific Planned Parenthood agencies that are under investigation for the most horrific of human atrocities.

This MUST stop. And it MUST stop now!

With this critical vote to defund Planned Parenthood now imminent, I'm asking every Liberty Counsel Action team member to take action right now by signing our petition to defund Planned Parenthood.

If you agree that your tax dollars should not be used to fund Planned Parenthood, click here or on the image below to AUTOMATICALLY SIGN WITH ONE CLICK Liberty Counsel Action's "Defund Planned Parenthood" petition:


We want to rally at least 50,000 Americans to sign before Congress votes. See full petition language below, and thank you for taking action!

The votes to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD will take place within the next week. Please sign here with one click so that your voice can be included in our upcoming petition delivery to Congress. The "Defund Planned Parenthood and Defend Life!" petition states:

We are calling for an immediate end to all taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and other organizations that perform or promote abortion. American citizens should not be forced to fund abortion. Also, in the wake of shocking evidence exposing the horrific practices of Planned Parenthood, we are calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to fully investigate Planned Parenthood.


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