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Trump was right on Obama!

February 13, 2018

It's looking more like President Trump was right when, early in his presidency, he claimed President Obama was in the middle of the FBI's bogus investigation of the Trump campaign.

Consider what we've learned in just the past few days…

First, we had an FBI agent's text stating plainly that "potus wants to know everything" about these FBI's pre-election investigations into Hillary Clinton. This direct reference to former President Obama raises huge red flags as to what Barack Obama knew and when he knew it.

Then, yesterday, two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee released a key email that creates even more questions about President Obama's involvement in the anti-Trump actions of the FBI.

Here's what the Senate uncovered…

On January 20, 2017 — Inauguration Day — outgoing National Security Advisor Susan Rice sent an email to herself that was clearly designed as a "cover" memo to protect herself and President Obama. Rice allegedly was using the email to document what happened during a meeting with President Obama 15 days prior, in which Rice says Obama insisted that everything in the Trump investigation be done "by the book."

Sen. Charles Grassley wants to know why Susan Rice sent this email to herself more than two weeks after the alleged meeting!

Grassley and others are quite suspicious that Rice was creating cover because Team Obama had been engaged in an aggressive "witch hunt" designed to destroy incoming President Trump.

Trump was probably right on Barack Obama's involvement… 11 months ago!

It didn't take long after the Inauguration for President Trump to realize what was happening. On March 4 of last year, he unleashed a series of tweets accusing Team Obama of orchestrating the attacks on his campaign. Over a year later, with each passing day it appears more and more that President Trump's blunt assessment of the situation was right on target:

We need your help to spread the truth the mainstream media won't report…

With news breaking by the day further exposing how Team Obama appears to have "weaponized" agencies of the federal government in an effort to defeat and destroy President Trump, we are accelerating LCA's efforts on Capitol Hill in demanding the TRUTH!

This could well be one of the greatest political scandals in American history! That's why Liberty Counsel Action's work from our offices in the nation's capital is more critical than ever.

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Final thoughts: Why did Susan Rice write her "cover" email to herself just moments before President Obama officially left office? It is likely that she was worried that the truth would come out connecting President Obama to the FBI's Clinton-funded, anti-Trump witch hunt! We must keep the pressure on, which is why Liberty Counsel Action's work in D.C. is so critical right now. Please go here to help, and thank you for your partnership!

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