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This Major LGBT Group Wants Christian Colleges Exposed, Then Changed

The largest homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy and propaganda organization in the United States is coming after Christian colleges. Whether the college is Catholic, Orthodox, mainline Protestant, Evangelical Protestant, non-denominational or charismatic, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will be coming after them if they refuse to deny fundamental Christian doctrines. These advocates of a new social order don’t want them teaching that marriage is a relation of one man and one woman, homosexual conduct is immoral, and the sexual difference between male and female is a given and a gift.

The organization’s well-funded. It raised close to forty million dollars in 2014. It’s also increasingly politically influential. The HRC’s recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, as well as her glowing praise of the group when she got the endorsement, speaks volumes.

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