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Staver Announces Innovative New Partner Program

June 3, 2015

Liberty Counsel is proud to announce the launch of an innovative new Partner program — a significant next step in our relationship with our team members.
Through the new Liberty Counsel Partner program, you will have immediate access to state-of-the-art educational opportunities, vital resources, and discounts on tools to increase your cultural impact, saving you hundreds of dollars.

I've been looking forward to making this announcement for many months now. Honestly, it's taken us a lot of effort to get all of the pieces in place, which should give you an indication of how much we've invested in this program and how much we look forward to empowering our supporters with new interactive opportunities. 
First, let me begin by saying, YOU are the very backbone of Liberty Counsel! YOU are making the work we do possible, and it's time we reward YOU for the faithful stand you're taking to restore our nation in the courts, legislatures, and the public square. Through our innovative new Partner program, I believe you will be further equipped to impact our culture for good.
The Liberty Counsel Partner program has many benefits and critical resources designed to educate, empower, and engage you in public policy matters, while also greatly expanding your cultural impact:
Included in all tiers of LIBERTY COUNSEL PARTNER membership...

FAX MY CONGRESS: allows you to fax your two U.S. Senators and Representative any time, for any reason at no cost.
FAX BARRAGE DISCOUNTS: allows you to fax your two U.S. Senators and Representative, and additional members of Congress as appropriate, on the issues of the day at a substantial discount compared to non-Partners.
NEW REVOLUTION INSTITUTE: We are excited to offer you this exclusive benefit. Liberty Counsel's New Revolution Institute (NRI) is a totally unique online educational benefit for Liberty Counsel Partners. NRI offers certificate-level education on the true principles of citizenship, and much more! Our first course offering for our partners is aptly entitled "Your Call to Active Citizenship."
TOWN HALL BRIEFINGS: Partners automatically receive FULL ACCESS to exclusive Town Hall Briefings with the Liberty Counsel staff, myself, and special guests.
LIBERTY COUNSEL BOOK RESOURCES: Partners enjoy access to a wide range of timely publications.

When you take a further step with Liberty Counsel's exciting new Partnership program...

LIBERTY COUNSEL'S ADVOCATE and CHAMPION tiers offer additional incentives like deeper discounts, additional resources, and invitations to special events.
BEST OF ALL: the partnership tiers are discounted for one year for the first 1,000 Charter Partners! 

GO HERE NOW to explore the all-new Liberty Counsel Partner pages, examine the unique member benefits, and choose which tier best meets your needs.  It's that simple. All told, we are upgrading annual Partners with hundreds of dollars of direct benefits and resources! Is partnership right for you? I encourage and invite you to join today and start enjoying the benefits of being a Liberty Counsel Partner. Just click here to learn more.

 As you will quickly discover, navigating our site is easy – and the discounts will appear when you "check out."

Thank you for considering this amazing new opportunity for those who have been so faithful to our shared mission!
God bless you,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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