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Virginia Passes Ultrasound Bill (February 2012)

Prosecution of Pro-Life Educator Thrown Out of Court (January 2011)

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Preventing ObamaCare from Covering Abortions in Ohio (December 2011)

Mississippi Personhood Bill Loses (November 2011)

House of Representatives Passes Protect Life Act (October 2011)

Mississippi Supreme Court Rules Citizens May Vote on Personhood (September 2011)

Arizona's New Abortion Regulations Upheld by Court of Appeals (August 2011)

Louisiana requires abortion providers to tell women about alternatives to abortion and to post signs stating women cannot be coerced into having an abortion, that the father must pay child support, that agencies are available to help them during and after pregnancy, and that parents seeking to adopt may be able to defray some of the costs of pregnancy. (July 2011)

New Hampshire overrides governor veto to pass parental notification bill (June 2011)

Florida passes bills to restrict abortions for minors and to require sonograms (June 2011)

Kansas to regulate abortion clinics (May 2011)

Georgia attempts to curb sex trafficking (May 2011)

Indiana bans public funding for Planned Parenthood (May 2011)

North Carolina protects unborn children and their mothers from violent crimes (May 2011)

Texas requires sonograms before abortions (May 2011)

Oklahoma bans abortions after 20 weeks and health insurance plans that cover abortions (April 2011)

Iowa’s Governor Declared April “Abortion Recovery Month” (April 2011)

Kansas prevents abortions after first 21 weeks of pregnancy (April 2011)

South Dakota mandates waiting 72 hours before an abortion (March 2011)

Virginia will regulate abortion clinics heightening the standards they must meet (March 2011)

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