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March for Life
January 27, 2013 ~ 0 comments

By: Brian Mauldin, Intern

            Friday the March For Life continued the tradition of marching through our capitol to protest the atrocity of the legalization of abortion, which has culminated in the taking of an unborn life every 94 seconds. This year was the 40th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. Since that decision, over 55 million babies have been aborted in the U.S., roughly one-sixth of the United State’s current population. While at the March for life, the weather was cold and the people acknowledged that the battle for life is far from over, the overall mood was positive, not one of defeat, but of triumph.

            Speaker after speaker, to include several congressmen, exonerated on the victories the pro-life movement has had and is continuing to make. The pro-life movement is the largest civil rights movement in the nation, and the March for Life is the largest civil rights event in the world, and the number of folks involved in both the movement and the event continue to swell. Public opinion, overall, has swung in favor of ending abortion, and especially of ending taxpayer funding of abortion, and these gains have lead to pro-life legislative victories. Over 200 pro-life laws have been passed in the states as progress continues in ending the practice once and for all. 

            At the March for life, House Speaker John Boehner, declared his support for the March and Congressman Chris Smith rebuked President Obama for being the most supportive president of Planned Parenthood.  Congresswoman Diane Black highlighted Planned Parenthood’s blatant misuse of federal funds to perform more abortions rather than providing prenatal care and adoption referrals.  She has now taken charge of reintroducing the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 217), which ensures family planning grants are used to aid families, rather than to break them apart through abortion, which inevitably takes the life of children and hurts, physically, emotionally and psychologically, the mother who subjects herself to the abortion.

            This year, the March for Life took the time to honor former president of the March For Life, Nellie Gray, who died this past year after a 40 year campaign leading pro-life efforts.  While Nellie never saw her dream of saving the lives of all unborn children realized, the new March for Life president, Jeanne Monahan, declared she never lost her resolve. 

            Another speaker, 19-year-old Rueben Verastegui took the time to note that more than one-third of his generation had been aborted. He exhorted his generation to advance the pro-life cause, noting they are the new pro-life movement.  He declared that they would never quit and expressed confidence that abortion will be outlawed in his generation.

            In this spirit, the rally closed in prayer and “God Bless America” and the marchers completed post cards addressed to their congressmen, urging Congress to end abortion and lining up to march.  The crowd completely filled Constitution Avenue with hundreds of thousands of people as the protesters marched, with the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial directly to their rear, past the Capitol building  and on to the Supreme Court.  The March was a mix of prayer and triumphant chorus as the marchers reflected on the passing of one more year in which the government condoned and the taxpayers subsidized abortion, considered the pro-life victories in legislatures across the country, and projected the tides would turn and the people would soon return to the Jeffersonian idea that all men are Created equal, with a right to life.