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The world needs America to be a superpower

August 14, 2014

President Obama's Secretary of Defense provided some campaign fodder for Republicans earlier this week. While our "Campaigner-in-Chief" may not have appreciated Chuck Hagel's stark assessment of the current global chaos, it was 100-percent true!

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told a group of Marines in San Diego, California, on Tuesday, "The world is exploding all over." The Weekly Standard reports, “(Hagel) may have delivered a line that will show up in Republican campaign ads this election cycle. ... The remark came in response to a question about the Obama administration's realignment of the military towards the Asia-Pacific theater."

The former Senator from Nebraska assured the assembled Marines that while the focus of the armed forces may be on the Pacific Rim, the U.S. will not "retreat" from threats in other parts of the world, “Great powers can't pick and choose which challenges and threats they're going to deal with. There is no power on Earth like the United States of America."

But just as Hagel was starting to sound like a Republican again, he reverted back to Obama-speak, “No country is great enough, powerful enough to deal with all these threats and challenges alone in the world today. They're too big, too complex. The world is too complicated."

But the truth is that it's NOT complicated. The world needs America to be a superpower and to use our influence to keep the likes of ISIS, Hamas, Syria, and Russia in check. The Obama administration has failed to do that. While the President shrinks in crises, our enemies grow larger and their evil goes unchecked and unchallenged.

That's why the upcoming 2014 midterm election is so crucial to the future of our nation. The only way to stop our “Campaigner-in-Chief" from accomplishing his stated goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America" is to make sure grassroots conservatives show up at the polls on November 4. But not only do they need to show up, your fellow Americans must vote for candidates that share our conservative values!

Liberty Counsel Action's Congressional Scorecard Covering the 113th Congress puts the voting records and political stances of congressional incumbents in the palms of people's hands. But we need your help to send this informative and timely resource to as many Bible-believing, socially active churches as possible over the next three months. Sponsor a church to receive 25, 50, 100 or more Congressional Scorecards.

I commissioned my staff to create and publish this exclusive resource to better educate grassroots conservatives before Election Day. Liberty Counsel Action employees spent months researching and compiling the voting record of every Member of the House and Senate on key conservative issues.

So I'm asking friends like you to help us reach as many Americans as possible before the 2014 midterm election! By sponsoring one of our 263,000 targeted churches, you can make the Congressional Scorecard Covering the 113th Congress available to their members, enabling them to make the best possible choices on November 4.

Our Congressional Scorecard cuts through the rhetoric and doublespeak of election ads and gets to the bottom line of every incumbent's position on important conservative issues. Liberty Counsel Action has only a limited time to distribute many tens of thousands of these helpful and informative Congressional Scorecards. So don't wait! Sponsor a church now!

By accurately pinpointing and then publishing key votes made by every Member of Congress, we're enabling you to play a crucial role in empowering voters to cut through the campaign rhetoric and political spin. Take action and get true conservatives elected on November 4.

God bless you.

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