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An Informed Vote Has Great Power

July 7, 2014

In politics, an informed vote speaks loudest of all. We saw this principle at work last month in the stunning defeat of seven-term House Representative and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Cantor’s surprising double-digit defeat was the first time a sitting majority leader had EVER lost a primary. The defeat necessitated a change in leadership in the House of Representatives and sent a message to the “establishment” Republicans.

Pundits have analyzed Cantor’s surprising defeat at the hands of a political unknown. The bottom line is that the constituents in Cantor’s district felt that he no longer effectively represented them or their views on Capitol Hill, and they voted him out.

When we look past political spin and campaign rhetoric and actually analyze the voting records of our elected officials, our votes become amazingly powerful!

That’s why Liberty Counsel Action’s latest Congressional Scorecard will be an invaluable tool in the 2014 elections!

The midterm 2014 elections give us an opportunity to begin to right our nation’s course.

On November 4th, Americans will vote to fill 36 Senate seats and all 435 House seats.

Putting political labels aside, I believe our nation must head in the right direction by this time next year if our culture and its founding values are to survive.

We need elected officials who are responding to — and taking action on behalf of — the clear majority of their citizens, not placating radical elements of our society.

Four years ago, the midterm 2010 elections confirmed that the economy, pro-life and pro-family concerns, and other social issues were the most important topics on the minds of voters. An incredible movement swept the nation and empowered conservatives to take control of the House of Representatives.

In 2014, I believe we could once again see the outcome of midterm elections hinge on those same issues.

In our new Liberty Counsel Action Congressional Scorecard, we examine the actual voting records of our elected representatives in both houses of Congress on issues important to our shared values for the 113th Congress. LCA is now offering you this exclusive Scorecard for your use during the 2014 election cycle!

Click here to order your LCA Congressional Scorecard.

It is critical that we strongly influence the results of this midterm national election. To control Congress we must impact the key 36 Senate races across the nation and every House race!

This invaluable tool is a standard for you to use when comparing candidates. It is not an endorsement of any candidate. With the LCA Scorecard, you can look past the campaign rhetoric and spin directly into the actual votes of the incumbents.

Click here to order your copy now.

As we approach the pivotal 2014 midterm elections, please pray that God will use each of us to help right the course of America!

God bless you.

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