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Obama plays the blame game -- and loses

September 29, 2014

In a primetime interview that aired on "60 Minutes" last night, Barack Obama blamed everyone but himself for his latest failure: underestimating ISIS. Even though he's reportedly been receiving intelligence reports for more than a year warning him about the brutal terror group, our Commander-in-Chief appeared more than willing to throw anyone -- and anything -- "under the bus" in an effort to escape responsibility.

Mr. Obama blamed National Director of Intelligence James Clapper, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi army, and even the Syrian civil war for the rise of ISIS. The President's attempts to re-direct responsibility had lawmakers and members of the intelligence community immediately calling "foul."

But that's not really the worst of it.

The Obama administration's failure to recognize or respond to the extreme and intensifying humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq is what should really be making news. ISIS terrorists have forced more than one million Iraqis from their homes, while they continue to murder, kidnap, and rape thousands. I received this disturbing update from RUN Ministries president Eric Watt via email earlier today:

The humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq has become "ground zero" for jihadists around the world. Every day, ISIS terrorists are capturing more families, separating the women and selling them as slaves. The men are being killed, and girls from age seven to 13 are being used for sexual purposes and then sold to 55- to 60-year-old men. Those who survive are coming to RUN's "Community of Hope" camps for peace, safety, shelter, medicine, food, and water.

Our teams have heard thousands of heartbreaking stories while caring for each person's needs. The emotional weight of these victims' pain now weighs heavy on all of us.  Last week, our leaders in northern Iraq began helping 100 families find new "Villages of Hope" while caring for the needs of 20,000 refugees in our camps, safe homes, and open fields.

In fact, we decided that perhaps 20,000 people would be the maximum we could care for and protect. But the refugees keep coming! So many of them have come in just the past four days that the number of people currently under our care and protection has almost tripled!

They are coming in like a flood! We now have more than 25,000 people who need shelter, food, water, medicine, clothing, and care -- IMMEDIATELY!

Eric also wrote that the refugees' stories are filled with such torment, torture, and evil that it's impossible to turn them away. He says RUN recruited another 400 people to help care for so many hurting Iraqi men, women, and children. But it's still not nearly enough to meet the need!

In the next 24 hours, RUN needs to rush tents, blankets, clothing, and other relief supplies to their "Community of Hope" refugee camps and safe houses. Thousands of families have lost everything, even loved ones, to ISIS. Will you help provide the food, clean water, medicine, and shelter they desperately need?

RUN's efforts to rescue, renew, and restore thousands of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are continuing -- and expanding. Please take action now to help provide food, water, medicine, tents, blankets, and clothing for this massive influx of new refugees in their "Community of Hope" camps and safe houses.

Even if you've donated before, Eric's network of believers from across the Middle East still needs your help. The RUN Ministries team is committed to caring for and protecting more than 25,000 Iraqi men, women, and children who have lost so much to ISIS. But they can't do this difficult, dangerous, and lifesaving work alone!

Thousands are depending on Liberty Counsel Action friends like you today. Thank you for your faithful prayers and generous support.

God bless you!


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action


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