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ISIS declares war

 September 22, 2014

Thirty-one GOP leaders sent a letter of inquiry to the Obama administration asking for clarification following rumors that Secretary of State John Kerry's negotiations with Iran might include nuclear concessions in exchange for their help in fighting ISIS. Fox News is calling this a potential "Deal with the Devil." Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) called further concessions with Iran in order to fight ISIS, "absolutely foolish."

ISIS has issued a "call to arms" to its supporters to join them in their caliphate and threaten retaliation against any nation which assists in air strikes against them. ISIS also mocked the Obama administration's decision to not send in ground troops, rhetorically asking ...

"Are America and all its allies from amongst the crusaders and atheists unable to come down to the ground?"

The rein of ISIS terror in Iraq has forced more one million Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities out of their homes, towns, and livelihoods. There is sheer desperation among the people, with few places to turn. 

Today I learned from Eric Watt, President of RUN Ministries that they have seen the number of Iraqi people seeking refuge from ISIS terror by seeking out a "Community of Hope" rise to over 14,000. This is up substantially from 9,000 just days ago.  Eric told me that his RUN team of volunteers is desperately scrambling to keep up with the need.

Their challenge is straightforward -- they must immediately increase their supplies of food, shelter, and blankets (especially as cooler fall weather is settling in). Simply put, for every 20 meals they were providing a week ago, they must now provide 30 meals. They need hundreds of tents immediately and thousands of blankets as quickly as is possible.

RUN Ministries is doing everything they can to care for and protect as many refugees as possible. Many of them have arrived at RUN's "Community of Hope" camps after being injured, beaten, or even tortured by ISIS terrorists. Still others have been made sick by their grueling journey to escape the violence and genocide.

They desperately need our support. Even if you've supported RUN Ministries' difficult, dangerous, and lifesaving work previously, thousands of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are still at risk. Please stand with these brave, selfless volunteers to meet this urgent medical need.

Your continued prayer and financial support are greatly appreciated for this vital mission. God bless you!

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action


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