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Hamas tunnel system cost $2 billion!

August 1, 2014

A Washington Times report estimates that the Hamas tunnel system built to sneak terrorists and supplies into Israel cost $2 billion dollars. Israeli intelligence reportedly is being criticized for not knowing the extent of Hamas' underground network, which is being targeted as part of the ongoing campaign against the terror group.

The United States gives about $500 million dollars a year to the Palestinian Authority, which formed a "unity government" with Hamas this June. To ensure that no further U.S. tax money flows to terrorists, Liberty Counsel Action is calling on Congress and the Obama administration to immediately halt funding of the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli intelligence is facing severe criticism for failing to identify the full scope of the tunnel network and other underground facilities built by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The Washington Times reports:

"Israel's military operation against Hamas in Gaza has gone on longer than expected because of the discovery of the extensive tunnel network, which is estimated to have cost as much as $2 billion to construct. ... The group was planning to use several Gaza tunnels that extend under Israeli territory for a major attack timed with the beginning of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, on Sept. 24."

Hamas fighters reportedly planned to surface in Israel and "kill as many people as possible." Israel Defense Forces are still working to destroy the tunnels and thousands of "longer-range" rockets kept there. Of the 10,000 rockets Hamas held in their arsenal, Israel is believed to have destroyed half of them.

The United States gives the Palestinian Authority approximately $500 million every year. That's a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money to a "unity government" that includes Hamas, an internationally designated Foreign Terrorist Organization that built $2 billion worth of tunnels and accumulated an arsenal of 10,000 rockets.

That's why I'm calling on every Liberty Counsel Action friend to stand with Israel TODAY. Congress needs to be 100-percent sure that American tax dollars are NOT funding the reprehensible actions and ideology of a terror group that calls for the murder of Israelis and the destruction of the State of Israel

This Liberty Counsel Action RED ALERT is giving pro-Israel Americans the opportunity to make their voices immediately heard on Capitol Hill. Even if you've sent "Defund the Palestinian Authority" faxes in the past, we urge you to take action again -- before Congress leaves Washington, D.C. for their extended recess. Click here now to demand lawmakers stop funding the enemies of Israel!

God bless you.
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