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From the Desk of Mat Staver, Chairman

Planned Parenthood again shows its true colors

March 21, 2015

Although Planned Parenthood says they oppose human trafficking, the fact is that they love their abortion services revenue more. That's why lobbyists from the nation's largest abortion provider (more than 327,000 abortions performed in FY2013), refuse to release their stranglehold on Senate Democrats and allow them to end their filibuster and vote in favor of the "Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act." This is a vital piece of legislation that would bring a measure of hope and healing to the victims of modern day slavery! 

The issue is revolving around a nearly 40 year-old rider called the Hyde Amendment that safeguards the rights of conscience for Americans who morally oppose seeing our tax dollars being used to murder unborn children. However, as we pointed out in an earlier alert, this amendment would have very little impact on the government assistance for the human trafficking victims, since most pregnancies among trafficked girls and women result from being raped.

The "Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act," imposes stiffer penalties and sentences for criminals engaged in human trafficking while providing wide-ranging government assistance for the victims. Fines collected from the offenders would be used to help the victims.

None of that makes any difference to Planned Parenthood lobbyists who continue tightening the screws on Senate Democrats — many of whom supported the legislation when it initially came out of the Senate Judiciary committee.

The fact is, in pressuring Senate Democrats, Planned Parenthood is again showing its true colors. Even though they boast about "enhancement of the quality of life and strong family relationships," they coldly turn their backs on tens of thousands of young women and children who are being held against their will and forced to endure unspeakable horrors as sex slaves — all because of a rider that won't have any measurable impact on the assistance provided to these innocent victims. It's appalling.

With your help, Liberty Counsel Action wants to deluge Senate Democrats with a tsunami wave of faxes, urging them to break free from the pro-abortion lobbyists who are preventing care and hope from being delivered to tens of thousands of sex slaves — mostly young women and children.

Without this critical piece of legislation, lives will be lost! That's why we want to move quickly, with great numbers, in the hope that we can motivate a handful of Democrats to do the compassionate thing and stop their filibuster.

Through this Fax Barrage, you are appealing to Senate Democrats who support the "Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act," but are being held back from doing the right thing because of Planned Parenthood's powerful lobbying.

Help break the stone wall that is holding hope and healing back. Be among those who are demanding empathy for the victims of modern day slavery.

Thank you for taking this principled stand!
Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S: By our count, just five Democrat Senators need to muster the courage to stand against the pro-abortion lobbyists. This would effectively end the filibuster and clear the way for passage of the "Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act," bringing hope and healing to tens of thousands of women and children victims of the sex slave industry.

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